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This is a community monitored by cops, where you can ask cops questions. Questions like "What is the drinking age in Delaware?" or "What is the lethal force policy for NYPD?"

This is not a community to gripe about cops; if you have a complaint about a specific thing that happened to you, contact the agency involved.

Here are the rules:

1. Anti-police posts will get the poster banned. If you want to gripe about cops, there are plenty of communities out there where you can do just that. Go to one of them. We're all for your freedom of speech, but that doens't mean we're obligated to listen to you.

2. Please be polite. Let's play nice, kiddies.

3. Debates are OK, but take the flame wars elsewhere. See rule #2.

4. If you disagree with Law Enforcement, that's ok. Just please be polite about it, and you'll likely get a polite response.

5. If you question is something similar to: "Why was my cousin arrested? He was just walking down the road doing nothing and 6 cops pulled up and sprayed him with pepper spray when he wasn't doing anything. Why?"

Here's the answer: your cousin lied to you. He was either breaking the law, had recently broke the law, or had a warrant. He got sprayed because he wasn't coming along nicely. Question answered.

6. Please keep the questions roughly police related.

7. If a question is directed to police officers, don't answer unless you're a police officer ('going to be a police officer' doesn't count). However, if you're an explorer, and someone asks a question about explorers, fire away. The same goes for dispatchers, etc. Just please don't answer questions that aren't directed at you, even if you think you know. Posing as a police officer if you're not one will get you banned.

Keep in mind:

- If you want, you can ask cops why you got such-and-such ticket but don't expect answers. The odds are the specific officer who did whatever you're asking about isn't here. We weren't there, therefore don't know the circumstances and can't answer your question.

- Don't ask for legal advice. We're not lawyers and can't give legal advice. Call a real lawyer if you need legal advice.

- If you ask an officer what to do about your speeding ticket, don't be surprised if the answer is pay it and drive slower. We write those. We're not interested in helping you get out of them.

- Be nice. We get yelled at, spit on, sued, assaulted, and complained about regularly. Courtesy is a nice change for us.

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