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How to go about getting the police involved in this?

I'm posting this from an old, disused RP account not connected to my main email address because I'm... freaking out, a lot. If you'll indulge that tiny bit of paranoia, please try to get back to me as soon as anyone reads this.

If you're following the news or the YouTube coverage, I'm sure you've heard about both the girl who dressed up one of Slender Man's proxies and stabbed her mother as well as the two girls who stabbed their friend in the name of Slender Man. A college friend of mine has always been into Slenderman, for nearly four years now. That's not new - he and I met in a Mythology class, we both like folklore. But recent emails with him now that school's out and we're no longer near each other have been alarming. He's been talking a lot about 'memetic affect' and how enough people believing in something strongly or maybe one person believing in some one strong enough could manifest something. His email to me two days ago stated he believed Slender Man had already been made real by the actions of others.

We live in the Pacific Northwest, although we're a town apart. I got to see him yesterday when I made the drive over to meet up with some of our mutual friends. Apparently he's making a map of the old disused road that leads between my town and his, which is about twenty miles. He's been spending more time at the gun range. He's taking a week off of work starting on the 30th. He's not visiting his family in the Midwest this year for July Fourth. I gathered all of this without speaking to him directly. When I talked to him directly, he seemed like his usual self, all theories and ideas, but he didn't want to talk about other creepypastas or bits of modern folklore. I asked him, conversationally, if he wanted to go watch the fireworks with me and the rest of our friends in my town. He said no, he really wanted to see the view from by the university, closer to the hills where they launch the fireworks. I asked if he wanted us to meet up with him there and he got more and more agitated the more I questioned him, saying he absolutely had to be alone there and telling me he'd be busy.

The old road that goes between the towns? You can access it from the east part of campus. And a lot of people go to the campus to see the fireworks.

I know this may sound like I'm being paranoid and overly freaked out. It's probably all the news coverage that's got me on edge and he's probably just being his normal weird self, which is fine. But he's an untreated schizophrenic (I think - he says he hears voices in his head) and while I know being mentally ill does not make a person dangerous, I really don't like what all this is looking like it's adding up to.

How do I go to the police about this? Should I go to the police about this? What if they think it's a prank? I'm really lost and I don't know what to do. Can anyone give me advice?
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