David Salley (dagonell) wrote in ask_a_cop,
David Salley

Bogged Down by Definitions

We've been discussing the Zimmerman case, and we're getting hung up on a definition.  One party is insisting that Zimmerman wasn't stalking Martin, because stalking is something that takes place over several days, not just once.

Okay, fine.  If a pretty girl has a creepy looking guy following her for seven blocks and it's making her nervous and she flags you down and points out the guy and he just happens to be carrying a gun, what can you charge him with?
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This is not a serious question.

Is the girl creeping around my property? Is robbery a repeated problem in the neighborhood. Does she have issues with drugs? Is it late at night? Did she grab me from behind and start smashing my skull? Is the quality of her character completely twisted and scrubbed in the press into a girl significantly younger and wide-eyed?
Thank you. Seriously. More people need to actually look at the facts of the case, instead of the media-hyped circus things became.
Stalking in the legal sense is a pattern of behavior across multiple incidents. Assuming your Mr Creepy's gun is properly licensed/permitted, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Stalking is a very difficult crime to prove


August 12 2013, 08:58:07 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  August 12 2013, 08:59:16 UTC

STALKING - in order to prove stalking 1) a person must willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follow or harass another person; 2) The person following or harassing made a credible threat; and 3) The person who made the threat did so with SPECIFIC INTENT to place the other person in reasonable fear for his or her safety or the safety of the immediate family of such person(s).

Now! Stalking is often a misunderstood crime. Mainly, because people don't understand the definition of the word. Stalking is usually a crime of passion and usually is carried out by a person who has some psychological problems or hangups with one individual. Stalking is well know by those famous in the media, movie and music industry. A stalker doesn't have to know their victims, but believe they do, and believe their victims either love them or want them in their lives. Scary people!!! Stalker's believe they have a right to belong in their victims lives and become aggressive and agitated when their advances are rebuked by the victim. Here is when the dangerous part of their fantasy is embarked upon. Usually, victims are not aware of their stalker, until they have learned through hate mail, or some act of violence that their stalker is mentally disturbed. Which brings on restraining orders and increased security. There are several movies about stalker's that pretty accurately depicted stalker's like: "Play Misty for Me", the "Body Guard", and "Fatal Attraction" just to name a few. But I think with these you have the idea. Zimmerman was no stalker.