David Salley (dagonell) wrote in ask_a_cop,
David Salley

Defending a crime victim

For Thanksgiving, TNT network ran a Castle marathon.  I know TV has little to do with reality, but one episode left me puzzled.  It opened with a young woman running away from a man and screaming.  When he catches her, he begins assaulting her (again) and a costumed superhero comes in and kills him with a sword before running away.  Castle and Beckett are left to find a murderer with no DNA, fingerprints or ballistics.

Isn't there some kind of law about coming to the defense of someone else?  The woman testified that the dead man assaulted her, she broke away and started running when he caught her again and the costumed hero stepped in.  When they ran fingerprints on the dead man, he had a long history of arrests for violent crimes and assaults and sexual assaults.  He was killed in the act, I wouldn't call it murder, I'd call it a public service.  I can't see this as a murder charge.  Is it?
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