Traveling in Time and Space, you and I (snakewhissperer) wrote in ask_a_cop,
Traveling in Time and Space, you and I

a few quick questions


I have a few quick questions..and i'm sorry, I can't find the answers, nor do I know any cops to ask and I dont' want to bother my local police station with this.

I'm writing a piece of fiction where two of the critical characters are cops, and trying to bust a couple of drugsmugglers on a boat on a concrete pier. There is a following explosion, and one of the two ends up in the water and drowning and later being brought back to life by mystical means which gets them drummed out of the force.

Seeing as this situation starts with a bit of gunfire being exchanged, how many officers would be expected to be on scene? Would EMS automatically be called in that kind of situation? They're both sheltering behind pallets of flour (which is what later explodes) and dont' get hit, but boycop gets thrown into the water. Girlcop is injured but wants to make it clear to her CO that he's down there (he is aware). What kind of rank would someone in charge of that kind of operation have? And how would they address each other? First name, last name, rank?

Thank you!

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