jordan_c_price (jordan_c_price) wrote in ask_a_cop,

Firearms Training in Illinois

I'm trying to determine how often a police officer in Chicago would be required to have firearms training. The documentation I've found says they need to be certified annually, but not how often they train.

I spoke to a retired Wisconsin cop who said it's determined by state, and in Wisconsin they have to train four times a year. Anyone know the Illinois standard?
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Not a police officer.

The Chicago directives are public and online.

Weapons qualification guidelines are here: at

It appears that training is handled on both a mandatory in-service training class once a year with a range master, and availability to a voluntary class and voluntary range time:

In-Service information: :
Firearms Practice Program:
Shooter Development Training:
These are great, thanks! I was pretty sure only 1/year was mandatory but the Wisconsin cop's reaction to that had me second-guessing myself.