Alyssa The Not So Brave (verisimilitant) wrote in ask_a_cop,
Alyssa The Not So Brave

Runaway teen procedure

I was curious about the procedures regarding runaway minors. When a minor is believed to have runaway, how is the investigation handled? How long would the minor be considered missing rather than a runaway? Would tips be reported to the local police, or is there a runaway/missing child hotline?

Is there a database for runaway minors? After the minor turns 18, does their name remain in the database? If a tip came in after the minor has turned 18, would the tip be passed along to the parents? Can a parent have their child removed from the database? If a runaway is found after the runaway has turned 18, would they be required to speak to the police or have any legal repercussions against them?

Thank you so much for your help in this! I really appreciate it!
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